Running Clinic

Run To Footstock 2017 clinic started 22nd March

Check back in February 2018 for the next year’s clinic. If you are interested in the clinic, the notes from 2017 Run To Footstock Clinic are available.

In the meantime you are welcome to join in on any of the club runs as shown on This Week’s Runs page, especially the runs that are tagged with FTG which are training sessions that are a continuation of what we do in the clinics. If you are not fit enough to run 8K in about an hour, then join in the Tuesday and Thursday sessions by driving to the session location and warming up there rather than meeting at the usual start place of the Cochrane Health and Fitness club. Plan on doing about 1K easy running as a warm up before we join you for the drills.

Quotes from past participants

Michelle — “Many THANKS to Pete & all the wonderful leads in the learn to run club. It was a great intro to running and made my 1st & 2nd 10km attempts much better than if I’d tried on my own. What a great race day for Footstock 2017.”

Frans — “That was a perfect race day. I smashed my PR because of the awesome run to footstock clinic. A huge thank you to Pete and all the leads and of course all the other participants. You’re an awesome bunch.”

Notes on Scheduling of the Clinic

We run this clinic in the spring, mainly because it fits in well with the Footstock race, but also because this allows participants to enjoy a summer of running before the fall hits. If we were to do a clinic in the fall it would be harder to schedule sessions on grass because the evenings are so much shorter in October and November.