Running Clinic

Run To Footstock 2018 clinic starts 21st March

Note. There are not many places left in the clinic, so please Email the Club at to let us know that you want to sign up for the 2018 clinic which starts on Wednesday 21-March. You need to download the Clinic Signup form, and bring your cheque and form to the first session of the Clinic. (Please make your cheque out to “Cochrane Red Rock Runners”.) If possible can you please scan and email your filled in form to the club at

The notes from 2017 Run To Footstock Clinic are available. Clinic has three group sessions per week, a Wednesday evening session which starts with a short talk about the upcoming training, a Saturday morning longer run and a Monday evening session.

Who is the clinic for?

We have designed this clinic to support two different groups

  • Beginners who are just getting into running and want to learn how to train for a 5K or 10K
  • Runners who want to improve their 5K or 10K time

The clinic provides a structured training environment with multiple run leaders to allow for the differing fitness and speed levels in the clinic runners. Through an 11 week progressive program, we build on your current fitness level to enable you to have an enjoyable Footstock race. With three group training sessions per week, we aim to ensure that you reach the starting line fit and ready to race.

Note. We do not recommend that children sign up for this clinic. If your kids want to run sign them up for a track club where they can run with their peers and do appropriate developmental activities. Alternatively there is the Cochrane Sparks Tri Club for kids up to the age of 13, contact for that club is the Sparks head coach, Cindy Chetley-Thomson.

What does it cost?

The fee is $50 for the 11 week clinic and includes

  • Hints and tips on running and training
  • Three coached running sessions/week
  • Membership in the Cochrane Red Rock Runners Club

Fee is discounted to $35 for current club members. If you want more information, please Email the Club and we will try to answer your questions.

Notes on Scheduling of the Clinic

We run this clinic in the spring, mainly because it fits in well with the Footstock race, but also because this allows participants to enjoy a summer of running before the fall hits. If we were to do a clinic in the fall it would be harder to schedule sessions on grass because the evenings are so much shorter in October and November.

Clinic Poster in case you want to advertise the clinic.

Clinic Information

Designed and lead by longtime runner Pete McBreen, this clinic will provide you with the training and information you need to enjoy your preparation for the Footstock race weekend. With 11 weeks of three group training sessions every week, this clinic provides you a progressive training program to get you ready for Footstock 5K or 10K on Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Clinic starts Wednesday 21st March 2018

  • Short discussions followed by group training session Wednesday evenings at 6:35PM meets at Cochrane Health & Fitness Club
  • Group long runs on Saturday Mornings at 8:30AM (1 hour building to 90 minutes for 10K runners) meets at Coffee Traders
  • Group training session Monday evenings at 6:30PM (1 hour) meeting at the Chicken Lady opposite Mackays ice cream shop

Weekly Discussions

We start each week with a short discussion about the purpose of the training in the coming week and how everyone is responding to the previous week’s training. The run leaders will use these discussions to help participants adjust and adapt the training to the particular needs of each participant. These discussions we will also cover running gear and shoes, core and strength training, injury prevention, nutrition, trail running, running form, pacing, the need for warm-up, cool down and running drills. Later on we will talk about race preparation, running after Footstock, year round running and feasible race goals.

Quotes from past participants

Michelle — “Many THANKS to Pete & all the wonderful leads in the learn to run club. It was a great intro to running and made my 1st & 2nd 10km attempts much better than if I’d tried on my own. What a great race day for Footstock 2017.”

Frans — “That was a perfect race day. I smashed my PR because of the awesome run to footstock clinic. A huge thank you to Pete and all the leads and of course all the other participants. You’re an awesome bunch.”

Running after Foostock

There is an informal Fun Training Group that is a follow up to the 2013 clinic, focused on training for races, mainly 5K and 10K road races in the outdoor season.